What does TheRightCounsellor-ForMe Do

The essence of TheRightCounsellor-ForMe is linkage: to link people needing support with professional counsellors.

TheRightCounsellor-ForMe is directed towards people seeking and/or providing counselling from/as private practitioners. People seeking counselling are invited to browse the site and make their decisions based on their needs.  This is free of charge. The fees charged by private counsellors vary and are determined by the counsellor. A portion of private practitioner fees may be recouped from Medicare or private health insurance.

There are many excellent high quality professional mental health support services provided or funded by government without charge to eligible clients.  Information about those services is not included in this site but should be easily accessible through a simple online search of relevant websites. One such site is Head to Health – a free confidential service from the Australian Government.  https://www.headtohealth.gov.au/