We understand that you may have questions about our TheRightCounsellor-ForMe directory and how it can benefit both counsellors and those seeking counselling services. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need.

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Not all Counsellors are covered by Medicare.

Medicare rebates are available to cover the cost of some eligible counselling services. It is likely to be capped at 10 sessions per year.

To be eligible to claim a rebate from Medicare, you will need a referral from your doctor. Your counsellor will need to have a Medicare provider number.

Your private health fund may also offer a rebate. The exact amount of the rebate will depend on your level of cover. Contact your private health fund for more information.

You can register your service by clicking Add Your Counselling Service page  or send us your detail and we’ll add your service.

TheRightCounsellor-ForMe does not recommend any particular approaches to counselling over others but does encourage you to have a look at the profile of the particular counsellors and relevant professional bodies to give you more information about the approaches that can be taken by professional counsellors.

It can be challenging to find the right counsellor for you. When seeking a counsellor, it will be important to find someone who you feel comfortable with, who you feel understands what you need even when you have trouble articulating your issues yourself, and who you feel you can absolutely trust.

You may like to communicate directly with a potential counsellor before making an appointment to get sense of who they are and whether they are right for you.  

This website,  TheRightCounsellor-ForMe?, has been created to assist you. It is a reliable resource with current, clear and trustworthy information about counsellors who offer their services as private practitioners.

The essence of TheRightCounsellor-ForMe is linkage: to link people needing support with professional counsellors.

TheRightCounsellor-ForMe is directed towards people seeking and/or providing counselling from/as private practitioners. People seeking counselling are invited to browse the site and make their decisions based on their needs.  This is free of charge. The fees charged by private counsellors vary and are determined by the counsellor. A portion of private practitioner fees may be recouped from Medicare or private health insurance.

There are many excellent high quality professional mental health support services provided or funded by government without charge to eligible clients.  Information about those services is not included in this site but should be easily accessible through a simple online search of relevant websites. One such site is Head to Health – a free confidential service from the Australian Government.  https://www.headtohealth.gov.au/

The answer to this question depends on whether you are seeking counselling, providing counselling and if a provider what administrative functions you would like to access.


People seeking counselling are able to browse the site free of charge.  There are no fees to be paid to TheRightCounsellor-ForMe.  (The provider will charge a fee however – see below.)


Providers of counselling are able to list their service free of charge and may decide to not access any further additional administrative functions.

However, the provider may choose to access the “Booking” function of the site : i.e. enable clients to book their appointments directly online via the TheRightCounsellor-ForMe. This can be linked to the providers own website if desired. For this the provider will be charged 1% of the total cost of the fee charged to the client.

There is no contract.  Provider can cancel any time.

TheRightCounsellor-ForMe does not recommend any particular counsellor or counselling approach.  However, before a counsellor is accepted for listing, their details are checked for clarity, completeness and consistency.  The counsellor’s qualifications will be reviewed to ensure they meet the minimum required to be considered a professional qualification.

The benefits of TheRightCounsellor-ForMe are as follows.

People wanting counselling support

TheRightCounsellor-ForMe believes access to good quality counselling support is a justice issue.  People in need should be able help and support when they need it. People wanting counselling benefit from TheRightCounsellor-ForMe through being able to search easily for a professional provider of counselling who suits them.


Providers of counselling benefit from TheRightCounsellor-ForMe  through being able to publicise their service free of charge and receive support to access other administrative functions.  They know they are joining a group of respected professional colleagues who are committed to providing high quality, accessible services.