What fees does TheRightCounsellor-ForMe charge?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are seeking counselling, providing counselling and if a provider what administrative functions you would like to access.


People seeking counselling are able to browse the site free of charge.  There are no fees to be paid to TheRightCounsellor-ForMe.  (The provider will charge a fee however – see below.)


Providers of counselling are able to list their service free of charge and may decide to not access any further additional administrative functions.

However, the provider may choose to access the “Booking” function of the site : i.e. enable clients to book their appointments directly online via the TheRightCounsellor-ForMe. This can be linked to the providers own website if desired. For this the provider will be charged 1% of the total cost of the fee charged to the client.

There is no contract.  Provider can cancel any time.